Applications for the 2017 Season will be back up on the website the end of February/early March.  Please check back at that time


Please read the Rules of Operations 2016, as they have been updated from last year. Your staff or helpers are also responsible for reading and knowing the rules, please ensure they have read them. Rules found here: ROO2016.

*Please check back to the Website in the Spring of 2017 for updated applications

Please fill out the Day Vendor Application 2016, found here: Day Vendor Application.

Fill out the appropriate Vendor Record form if you have updated your products from last year (and please indicate which items need jurying). If you have not updated your products from last year, you do not need to fill out the Vendor Record form.

Vendor Record forms found here: Farm Vendor Record; Food Vendor Record; Craft Vendor Record.

Please book as per the email system outlined in the Rules of Operations.

*Forms for Farm Vendor Record, Food Vendor Record, Craft Vendor Record will be available in the Spring of 2017

For food vendors, proof of liability insurance, food safe certification or market safe, as well as permit to operate certificate, health approval certificate, fire depatment inspection sticker proof or confirmation of inspection, if applicable.

For farm vendors, organic certification, liability insurance, market/food safe, or any other applicable certifications, where they apply.

For craft vendors, any certificate of training (i.e. massage therapist certification, etc.) or liability insurance that you may have.

For liquor vendors, current LCLB Authorization form and liability insurance.

Please fill out the Liquor Vendor Application 2016, found here: Liquor Vendor Application. Email your filled out form to with any and all authorization and ceritifications for the upcoming year. Please indicate in your email when you intend to re-join the market this season, so that we may schedule you into the rotation.

*Please check back to the Website in the Spring of 2017 for updated applications